Welcome to Eternity in Our Hearts conference website.  Our next upcoming event will be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on August 21, 22, and 23, 2020, with Nancy Coen and Chris Carter.  Please review all pages on this website to get more information on this conference.

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32 Responses to Questions

  1. Evelyn Holmes says:

    I attended the higher conference in August. I ordered a the flash stick and never got a response. I also send a email concerning my order, not got a response. Can I still get a flash stick for the conference.

  2. Evelyn Holmes says:

    I ordered a flash drive for $80.00. I don’t see any evidence for processing my order.

    • MMIcontact says:

      Hi Evelyn,
      We did not receive your order. Apparently there was a problem processing it through PayPal as they do not have a record of your transaction. Since you attended the conference, you can still order the flash drive for $80. We will be notified when it goes through PayPal. I also sent you an email with this information. Blessings to you for your patience in this situation.

  3. Jan Light says:

    I went to the conference and ordered the Conference tapes on line. My account was charged $80 but is still haven’t heard a word from Masterpiece Min. What’s going on?

    • MMIcontact says:

      Hi Jan,
      Your flash drive was mailed out on September 16th. Please let us know if you have received it. If not, we will resend it.

  4. Helen I Barton says:

    Is it possible to download the conference or buy cd’s? I’d love to hear the talks.

  5. Kelly Ean Lee says:

    Do I have to pay for two of my kids 9 and 10 years old?

    • MMI says:

      Hi Kelly,
      Yes, anyone attending the conference room needs to have a paid registration and a name tag. It would be a delight to have your young ones engage with us.

  6. I am looking for people to share a room at the hotel. I’ve booked two double beds, and I’m a single woman coming from Florida. Please email me at if you’d like to be able to share the cost! I’m staying Friday 21st Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd leaving the 24th. Bless you!

  7. Judith Arnold says:

    I’ve just booked a two double bed room at the hotel for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. Looking for roommates (female) to share costs! Bless you!

  8. Judith Arnold says:

    I’ve just booked a two double bed room at the hotel for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. We are looking for a fourth female who would like to join and split the cost. Please text me or email judith Arnold thank you so much!

  9. Deborah Ewing says:

    I registered yesterday and my paypal account has been charged. Will I receive a confirmation?
    Thank you so much! Looking so forward to coming.
    Deborah Ewing

    • MMI says:

      Hello Deborah,
      Hopefully you have received your confirmation by now. It was sent out on August 8th. If not, please let me know and I’ll resend it.

  10. Patty Parker says:

    Hi . I would love to attend this conference but do not have the finances for it at this time. Is it possible to order the sessions?

    • MMI says:

      Hi Patty,
      Yes, you can order the conference recordings. Go to the Teaching Orders page to place your order and we will either send you an email with the download information or send you a flash drive after the conference recordings are available, depending on your order choice. Blessings to you for abundance in your finances.

  11. Dylan says:

    Are there any precautions being taken regarding the current COVID pandemic?

    • MMI says:

      Hello Dylan,
      The conference room is very large so social distance spacing will be available. For those who want to maintain social distancing, family groups will be created. You can decide who you want in your family group, whether family or friends. Masks are optional.

  12. Shawn Gibson says:

    I could offer up my home to anyone that wants free lodging or a ride. I live just a few minutes from the hotel. Text me.

    • MMI says:

      Hello Shawn,
      Thank you for your generous offer. We will contact you shortly.

      • Susan King says:

        Hi Shawn,
        I am attending the conference & just saw your post to offer lodging. Awesome! How much room do u have? I have 2-3 other friends who need lodging g as well. Will u be attending the conference as well?


    Hello please I will not attending the conference but I want to purchase the audio, can I send the $125 and received the download upon completion?

  14. Laurel says:

    Just an FYI
    Booked reservation at conference hotel and Masterpiece #2701587″ rate is $113 nightly + taxes

  15. Don Carney says:

    Hi there.
    I bought the audio series for Acceleration. How am I able to download them?

    • MMI says:

      Hi Don,
      I sent you an email with links to download each of the audio files. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy!

  16. Robin Twemlow says:

    Offerings and trading. Offerings I know but what is trading?

    • MMI says:

      Hi Robin. The short answer is that trading is exchanging something that you own (typically a monetary amount) for engaging with and appropriating a revelation God is revealing through someone else. Such as, “Wow! I want that to be manifested in my life, so I’m trading something I have for it.”

  17. Helen I Barton says:

    Is this conference still available for purchase to download? I would like to hear it even though its four years later since it happened.

    • MMI says:

      Hello Helen,
      Yes, the conference teachings that are listed on our web site are still available for purchase. If it’s an audio teaching, we can make it available for you to download.

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