Masterpiece Ministries International presents

“A C C E L E R A T I O N”

Keynote speaker Nancy Coen

Welcome Nancy Coen, an amazing woman, now living the unlimited lifestyle with supernatural experiences as she sets challenges for the sons to engage and accelerate in Christ with the heavenly realms.

Introducing Christopher Carter

Delight in his heavenly journeys, including the cosmic ages through time, the cosmic clock, the astronomical tabernacle, and learn to engage with many more angelic beings.

Please join us in a delightful and mystical journey as we increase and accelerate in our creative nature, in revelation and understanding of our walk with Abba Father.Step in and join together as One to hear and see the accelerated revelation and understanding needed in this hour.  Experience joy and fellowship as we explore together the merging of the unseen and seen realms.



Per person is $120 until July 4th and $150 thereafter. Husband and wife can attend together now for $200, or after July 4th for $250.

Registration may be available Friday night, August 2nd, at the entrance to the conference, only if it is not yet sold out. Badges are required at every conference meeting. Sign up early so you are not disappointed!

Conference times

Friday, August 2nd:

  • 5 pm registration
  • 7 pm -11 pm worship & meeting

Saturday, August 3rd:

  • 9 am-11 pm worship, luncheon (included in registration fee), & meetings

Sunday, August 4th:

  • 9 am – 5 pm worship & meetings

No live streaming. A flash drive of the conference will be available after the conference for $12o, or $80 for those attending the conference.

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